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True Colors

True Colors: The Bible – God’s GPS – 2 Timothy 3:14-17

About This Message

2 Timothy 3:14-17

Have you ever had your GPS lead you the wrong way?  God has given us a GPS for life known as the Bible. The Bible teaches us, directs us and leads us through the challenges of life.

The Bible is an amazing book written over a period of 1500 years. It was written by politicians, by statesmen, by farmers, by shepherds, by peasants, by musicians, by poets, even by tax collectors. The Bible is also written from all sorts of different places. The Bible was written by Moses in the wilderness, by Jeremiah in the dungeon. It was written by Luke while traveling, Paul while he was in prison.

It was written in 3 Languages, has 66 Books. No book gets close in sales.  More books of the bible are about Jesus than any other character.  Not only is it consistent, true, and inspired, but it speaks to so many different topics. Topics included in scripture include everything from marriage, divorce, re-marriage, adultery, sex, lust, greed, guilt, materialism, generosity, healing, hope, forgiveness, parenting, prayer, friendship, pride, obedience, Heaven, Hell, lying, murder, suicide, rape, fears, doubt, miracles, love, hate, money, criticism, creation, government, submission, rebellion, peace, leadership, comparisons, joy, discontentment, sacrifice, delayed gratification, patience, faithfulness, enjoying life, self control, disasters, injustices, demons, angels, discipleship, disciplines, fasting, honor, mercy, caring for the poor, handling wealth, family.

In this series called TRUE COLORS we are talking abou the things that matter most in our lives and to The Edge Church. One of those TRUE COLORS and VALUES is the authority of the Bible.