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Aurora, CO

Aurora Colorado – A Mixed City With Excellent Food, Entertainment And Cultural History

We love being a church in Aurora, CO. Here’s a bit more about this Colorado suburb.

A Little Piece of Aurora History

Looking back in historical records, the area we know today as Aurora was originally a town called Fletcher. On April 30th, 1891, the town was incorporated as Aurora, but this name change met with some resistance from the locals until eventually the town was officially renamed Aurora in 1907.

The town then began to grow although not particularly rapidly, but by 1928 with a population of approximately 2000 people, it received official city status.

A Rich Military History

Aurora experienced drastic growth and change, primarily as a result of being home to three separate military bases. In 1918, Fitzsimmons Army Hospital was built on the east side of the town. This was then followed in 1938 by the establishment of the Lowry Air Force Base, In 1942 the hospital was further expanded and moved about 15 miles east, where it then became known as the Buckley Air National Guard Base. As a consequence, the local area has a strong and proud military tradition. Many of the residents today still have strong ties to the military which was proudly celebrated in 2013 with the opening of the Colorado Freedom Memorial.

For anyone with a keen interest in the history of Aurora, a visit to the fabulous Aurora History Museum is highly recommended. With free entry and plenty of parking, the venue provides plenty of interesting information, as well as an entertaining and fun experience.

Aurora, Colorado Today

Aurora has continued to grow and develop over the last two or three decades, although with the closure of some of the military facilities, housing prices did drop quite drastically for a period. However, the city is now the third largest in the state and has a relatively young population. The average age of people living in Aurora is 33 years old, unemployment is low at only 4.9%, and the average property price is about $260,000. The city has experienced rapid growth and sprawl since 2000, with the population increasing by 61% in that period.

Art And Culture

Art and culture play a significant role in the heartbeat of the city, with two popular and busy theatres. The Aurora Fox specializes in local theatre putting on many of its own productions, but it also features regular appearances from guest companies, often performing productions such as “Into The Woods”.

The second theatre The Vintage Theatre Company is only a stone’s throw away from the Fox and puts on an average of 11 different performances over the year. In recent years they have performed huge musical shows including Miss Saigon, so if theatre and the arts is something that appeals then Aurora will serve you well.

Eating Out In Aurora

Whether on vacation or a resident, you are spoilt for choice in downtown Aurora, with a broad range of culinary delights. Mexican, Chinese, Steakhouse and Seafood restaurants abound, and there is always an excellent atmosphere of fun in and around the town center. There is a great sense of community; people are friendly and very welcoming, the biggest problem you might have is deciding on which of the fine restaurants you want to eat in, as you truly are spoilt for choice.


Aurora has a great reputation for being an excellent place to bring up a young family, and a lot of that is based on the high-quality standards of education available. The Murphy Creek K-8 school, for example, delivers higher results than the majority of other schools in the state, and also show bigger year on year improvement when compared to other schools. Although we have specifically highlighted Murphy Creek, there are some other schools in the area which also excel in terms of results and achievement. Anyone considering a safe and friendly environment with an excellent education system to bring up their children would be well advised to put Aurora on their list of places to consider.

Tourism In Aurora, CO

Although tourism is not a central foundation of the Aurora economy, this does not mean that there is not plenty to see and do. Stanley Marketplace, for instance, is a fantastic place to visit especially for the foodies.It offers a community market, featuring over 50 different independently owned Colorado businesses, which offer local specialties that have to be tasted to be believed. A trip to Aurora is not complete without a visit to the Stanley Marketplace, and that is just one of the many hidden treasures that Aurora possesses.

For anyone who enjoys a round of golf, there is plenty of opportunities, with a total of 6 different courses within Aurora. The question is can you get a hole in one? For those people who might be interested in a slightly more energetic pastime, there is the opportunity to view the stunning scenery on horseback, or for the more adventurous stand-up paddleboarding at the Cherry Creek State Park.

Shopping Facilities In Aurora

There are many excellent malls in Aurora, serving a wide variety of different products, but the good news is that Aurora is only a 25-minute drive from Denver, the state capital. With Denver being so close, there are huge malls for shopping and even more employment opportunities.

Medical Facilities

People don’t like to think about the possibility of getting ill, but if disaster is to strike, the good news is that Aurora is home to state of the art University Of Colorado Hospital Anschutz Medical Campus. This is a highly equipped facility and a world-class academic health center.