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Searching for Churches in Aurora, CO?

Maybe you just moved to Aurora or you’ve lived here quite a while and think it’s time to get involved in a church.  So you did a Google search on “Aurora Churches.” A ton of search results popped up and now you are wondering where to start. There are many great options but each church in Aurora, CO has its unique style.

Maybe you’re wondering ‘will I fit in or be judged,’ ‘am I good enough to go to church,’ or ‘what should I expect.’ Maybe you’re feeling like something missing in your life.  It’s been my experience that finding an exciting, inviting church that teaches practical, easy-to-apply biblical truth is key to finding fulfillment in life.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for a church, so let us make it a little easier for you by answering the questions you may be asking.

How do you even begin to look for a new church in Aurora, CO?

So often you make a list of churches and begin the process of attending each one, crossing off the list those that don’t fit.  What if you knew some things to consider before you started visiting?  Here’s a list of some questions that we would encourage you to ask when choosing a church for you and your family to worship at.

Questions To Ask

Is the church welcoming towards new people?

At Edge Church, you’ll be warmly greeted from the time you enter the front door. Since Edge is a relatively new church, many new people are attending just like you.  To make your experience as smooth as possible check out ‘What To Expect’ on our website. If you’d like to ‘Plan Your Visit’ we’ll roll out the red carpet for you to make your first Sunday service an excellent experience.

How close is the church to where you live in Aurora?

By attending a church in your community you’re able to be more involved.  The advantage of being in close proximity to your church is that you can easily get to church, have friends who live nearby and feel a bigger part of your church community.

Are there other people like me?

Edge Church is a church for everyone.  Regardless of your religious background, we have an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re home. You’ll find people of all ages, races, and people in all stages of their spiritual journey. At Edge, our motto is ‘No Perfect People Allowed.’  So no matter what walk of life you’re in, or what you’re facing, you’ll find other people just like you.

Is the church positive and uplifting?

After a long week, isn’t it great to come to a place that makes you leave feeling happy and encouraged?  At Edge, you can expect to experience upbeat music, encouraging messages, friendly people and a creative atmosphere in our worship services.

How could attending this church benefit my family?

There’s no greater way to help your family than by bringing them to church regularly. Church should be a place that meets the needs of the entire family.  At Edge Church, we care about your whole family.  We have ministries for all ages. At Edge Church, the next generation is a top priority! We are passionate about helping your kids learn about Jesus in a fun, safe, and creative environment. Each Sunday, our Edge Kids classes, birth to 5th grade, are age-appropriately geared toward helping your child understand the Bible.  We offer a Middle School Experience, for 6th-8th graders, at 9:30am in The Hangout.  The Hangout also has basketball, air hockey, ping pong and is a great place for your Middle School student to get connected. In addition, all 6th-12th graders meet each Wednesday night from 6:30-8:00pm for The Scene.  For more information Edge Kids see this section on our website or learn more about The Scene.

With other churches in Aurora, Colorado what unique calling and focus does this church have?

Edge Church has a mission as an Aurora church. We exist to share the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ.  Everything we do centers around beginning and growing in relationship with Jesus.  We believe that the answer to life’s challenges is knowing Christ personally.  We are here to help you with any spiritual questions you may have whether you are just testing out this ‘church thing’ or a seasoned follower of Christ.


Here’s How to Get from Aurora, CO to Edge Church

I hope these questions help your search for a new church in the Aurora area. There are many great churches in our city. We’d love to have you visit Edge Church, but if we are not where God is calling you, we want to see you get connected somewhere.

If you have any other questions about getting connected at Edge Church, or simply need prayer, we would love to talk with you!

Ryan Heller, Lead Pastor

Edge Church serves Aurora, Colorado and meets each Sunday morning.

Service times are at 9:30am and 11:00am