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About This Series

We’ve all got things that hold us down – circumstances, sins, challenges. But God wants you to stare down your fears, rise above the things that beat you down, and tackle the issues that imprison you.  You’re not a victim, but a victor.  In this message series, you’ll discover that with God’s power you are more than an OVERCOMER! 

Overcomer: Worth It: Romans 8:18-25
Lead Pastor Ryan Heller / Oct 6, 2019


Overcomer: Mentality Of An Overcomer: Joshua 1:8; Numbers 13:30-32
Lead Pastor Ryan Heller / Sep 22, 2019


Overcomer: Quarterback: 1 Peter 5:6-8
Lead Pastor Ryan Heller / Sep 15, 2019


Overcomer: Overcoming Hate: Romans 12:9-21
Lead Pastor Ryan Heller / Sep 8, 2019


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