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I Still Do


I Still Do

About This Series

Marriage is designed by God to be a lifelong covenant, a forever love affair.  But when love hurts, what do we do?  Do we give up and run?  Or do we dig in with the one we love and go the distance?  I Still Do will encourage you to discover God’s perfect design for a love that lasts forever.

Your Heartbeat: Matthew 6:19-21
Associate Pastor Geoff Payne / Jan 31, 2016


I Still Do: Amazing Love: Hosea 1:2; 3:1-3
Lead Pastor Ryan Heller / Jan 24, 2016


Give Honor: Hebrews 13:4, 1 Peter 3:7
Lead Pastor Ryan Heller / Jan 17, 2016


The Art Of Cleaving: Genesis 2:24
Lead Pastor Ryan Heller / Jan 10, 2016


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