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About This Series

Have you ever felt guilty, alone, or insecure? The greatest power to overcoming these struggles is believing that God loves you no matter what. God is your number one fan; He is crazy about you! God loves you through the highs and lows, whether you win or lose. He wants you to be on His team, and He wants to cheer us to victory. God’s love brings us through every trouble, every hardship, and every hurt. Join us for a three week teaching series to learn more about your biggest fan: God.

With God on your side, how can you lose?

Fanatic: Drop The Rock-Romans 8:1-4
Pace Hartfield / Mar 30, 2014


Fanatic: Not a Conqueror: Romans 8:37
Ryan Heller / Mar 23, 2014


Fanatic: Recipe For Hope: Romans 8:28-29
Ryan Heller / Mar 16, 2014


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