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House Of Blues

House Of Blues: Something’s Missing

About This Message

Matthew 27:46, Jeremiah 20:7-13

For 22 long years Jeremiah faithfully preached a unpopular message of repentance only to be ignored and laughed at even by children.  He was even locked up in prison for proclaiming his message.  On several occasions people tried to take his life.  In his despair His frustration with the results of his ministry led him to become known as the weeping prophet.  Jeremiah was depressed because he believed God had tricked him.  All of this drama led the prophet into a deep depression.  But through this message we are going to see that the light of God through Jesus Christ burns brightly when we are in the darkness.  And even though it may seem impossible to make it through the heart aches of life.  Jeremiah found a way to keep on praying.

I.  Remember God is with you

II.  Focus on pleasing God, not “them”

III.  Keep talking with God