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 A Word From Pastor Ryan & Gena

Edge Church Family, Several years ago, we moved to southeast Aurora not knowing one person in our city. Fueled by a vision to reach the people in our community, we started a small bible study of five people with a huge dream. Today, that dream is becoming a reality. Now, we are seeing almost 700 people on our campus every single weekend! We are humbled and amazed at all God is doing. God is moving at Edge Church and we continue to see lives changed!We are humbled to be a church that God is using to change our community one life at time. Now, the greatest opportunity in the history of Edge Church is before us. God is calling us to shake the city. In November of 2013 we signed a three-year lease to move into our current facility. Per our agreement, we have to purchase our current building in the near future, or move to another facility. Our Shake the City initiative is to ensure that our current facility will be our church home for many years. The theme of our project is Shake the City. When Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem shortly before his crucifixion and resurrection, the Bible says the city was shaken. God was shaking the city of Jerusalem because He was about to do something great. In a similar fashion God is preparing and shaking Edge Church so we can shake our city for Christ! Edge Church is shaking the city and expanding our vision, our facilities, and our finances.Together, this expansion will radically increase our potential to fulfill our mission of sharing the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ with our community.To be a church that lives out our God-sized dreams we must make God-sized sacrifices. The future of this vision requires it of us. I’m asking you to plan, prioritize, prepare, and participate in an amazing opportunity for Edge Church to reach our community. Everyone is needed in order to have a successful future. We need YOU! It’s time to take the next step in this journey. It’s time to move beyond what’s comfortable in our lives. It’s time to stretch our imaginations and envision our great opportunity. It’s time to shake the city! Please take a moment to review this information and prayerfully consider how God is leading you to financially participate in Shake the City at Edge Church.
Blessings, Pastor Ryan & Gena Heller

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260x146 FAQ

1. Why does Edge Church need to purchase our current facility? We currently rent our building and will have to move out if we do not purchase it soon.
2. Why is Shake the City necessary? Over the past five years, Edge Church has grown from a home bible study into a thriving church with almost 700 attendees each weekend. Our own building will enable us to increase our opportunity to change lives.
3. How will this building project be funded? Edge Church’s Shake the City project will be funded by contributions from the congregation. The project will generate contributions above and beyond our normal operating budget that supports the current ministry of Edge Church.
4. Will new members or attendees have the opportunity to support Shake the City? Yes. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in this exciting project. As new families join Edge and sense the excitement of God leading us to purchase our facility, they will have the opportunity to give.
5. Will commitments be made public? No.
6. Is there a minimum I can give? No, there is no gift that is too small or too large.
7. Can commitments be changed? Yes. Commitments may increase or decrease as circumstances change or as God leads.
8. Are one-time gifts accepted? Absolutely! Appreciated assets and one-time cash gifts are welcomed.
9. Will my gift be tax deductible? Yes. Edge Church will maintain detailed records and provide you with the appropriate statements in accordance with the IRS.