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Centennial, CO Church: Questions to Ask When Finding a Church

Are You Hunting For A Church To Join In Centennial Colorado?

There are many reasons why people decide to look for a new Centennial church; perhaps they have rediscovered their faith, moved into a new area, or just decided that their previous church was not providing the inspiration or leadership they were looking for in a church. The modern way of finding anything is, of course, to jump on Google and perform a search for “Centennial Churches” but sometimes, it can be a case of too much choice, rather than too little.

Finding and choosing the perfect church for you is a personal decision, a church should be somewhere that you enjoy attending, that gives you spiritual leadership, inspiration, and motivation. A church that talks your language and can give you easy to follow steps and lessons towards living the life you choose. Sometimes with no many options and choices people can procrastinate and struggle to make a decision, so let’s try to help you make the right decision by discussing a few issues and ideas.

Coming Up With A Plan To Find The Church For You In Centennial Colorado

Logic might dictate that the best strategy for selecting a new church is just to print out a list of local churches and then visit them one by one before choosing the one that you felt was your perfect match. This option could take a long period of time, and can we accurately judge a church and it’s community feel based on one Sunday worship? To refine your search consider some of the following questions

Does The Church Feel Welcoming To Potential Members Of The Congregation?

Although it is not easy to define in words, there are particular churches which merely feel more open to new members. At the Edge Church, we are unique because as a relatively new church, the vast majority of the congregation are new themselves, and this excitement and enthusiasm translates into welcoming prospective new members with open arms. If you want to experience a Sunday Service as is, then feel free to turn up, you will be made to feel very welcome, but if you let us know you are coming for the first time, we will endeavor to make your first visit even more memorable.

Will I Fit In Well and Be Accepted?

The human psyche is a beautiful but at times strange thing. Regardless of our age, some people stress or panic over whether or not they will be a part of the family and not an outsider. At Edge Church, we embrace diversity, whether that be through color, creed or age. Whatever makes you different will never be an issue or concern here at Edge Church. If anything we celebrate and enjoy diversity.

Does The Church Help You Feel Joy and Hope?

The church is somewhere that people should look forward to visiting, a weekly treat that is both uplifting and enjoyable, rather than a dreaded chore. Every week we set out to ensure that the music is all-encompassing, the message inspirational, and the atmosphere so positive that you will already be looking forward to next Sunday as you leave our door this Sunday.

In What Way Will This Church Be Able To Positively Influence My Family?

We believe that one of the most important things to do as a family is to spend time together, and that is something that attending church regularly encourages. It is vital that every member of the family benefits from their weekly visit to the church, after all the message a five-year-old needs to hear can be entirely different than that of a 34-year-old.

At Edge Church, we are passionate about the younger generations; they are after all the future of our church, which is why we invest heavily in providing a fun, happy and safe environment for your children. We run numerous different kids classes that are individually age-tailored to ensure your child receives a proper understanding of God’s word. For the Middle Graders, the Hangout opens up on Sunday’s at 9.30am.

As well as spiritual growth it also provides basketball, ping pong, and air hockey, making it the perfect place to meet new friends and enjoy yourself in a safe and friendly environment. We also run The Scene on a Wednesday evening, for 6-12 graders, between 6.30 and 8.00pm. For more information about our exciting Edge Kids program click here.

With So Many Churches In Centennial Colorado To Choose From What Makes Edge Church Unique?

At Edge Church, we are driven, motivated and determined to share the word of Jesus Christ. We are in no doubt whatsoever that when you invite the Lord Jesus into your life, he permeates and improves every aspect, of your life and makes dealing with every challenge that life throws much easier to resolve. We believe that this applies equally whether you are just starting out on your faith journey, or are a seasoned veteran.

Hopefully, we have managed to answer some of the questions you may have been turning over in your head, and maybe just maybe we have convinced you to at least give us a try. However, we also understand that with such a wide range of choice some people may prefer a different place of worship. Either way, we would love to meet you, and if you decide that Edge church is not for you, then we will gladly help you to find another church. Whatever your spiritual needs or requirements we would love to help.

Ryan Heller – Lead Pastor